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Boxcudos Graphic Design and Branding Services

Boxcudos Services

We work out of Perth, Western Australia and we offer a range of graphic and web design, development and strategic solutions for your organisation.

Graphic Design

Web Design

Beautiful and user friendly design is like a good first impression- it helps users to decide whether they will stay or move on!

Custom Wordpress Themes

Wordpress is one of the most popular blog frameworks on the net- we don't use templates, we will custom build your own!

Logo Design and Redesigns

Logos should be simple, memorable and speak about who you are are

Publication Design

We do Book covers to stationary, your brand needs to be visually consistent where ever it is

Web Strategy


A blog is fantastic way to build a following, get your message out there or communicate a message in the right context

Photo Gallery

Demonstrate a service in action, products or recent events

News Features

All our websites come with a content management system which enables you to add your content, when you need it

Membership Applications

Give your users an easy way to join, which makes it easy for you to track memberships

Mobile Friendly Designs

Almost half of all Internet searches are done on a mobile, we make responsive websites that can be viewed on any platform or device

Social Media Strategies

Social Media is a new way to engage your clients with a message in a deeper and engaged way

Web Content Advice

Visitors to your website have come to see your content- not the design. We can offer advice on strategies which will make your content sticky, this includes writing for the web, images and video

Additional Services


Forums are a great way to get your clients involved in your organisations goals, by sharing comments and views that get the community involved

Hosting Advice
Where on the web is your website going to sit? What services do you need? Well we can help you find the right host for your organisation.

Online Donations

We can offer a number of strategies that allow your clients to donate easily

HTML Email Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to get your news out theres, we can integrate a newsletter system that allows you to contact your readers

Web Standards Friendly

Web-standards means your site should work on any browser, free from coding errors and enables any user no matter their disability to access your website - this is standard practice for all our websites

Facebook Cover Designs

As a social media platform, Facebook is very powerful, cover designs adds a visual flair to your brand.